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Unparalleled service beyond the norms.

An embryonic new-age group of companies with diverse business entities that strives in providing the best of quality and services in all its endeavors across the board through ties and affiliate with only the best services brands in its categories respectively and partners with flare for going beyond to ensure limitless opportunities and out of the box holistic services from Project Management, Garment Manufacturing, Project Funding Profit Sharing, Finance Trading and consultation, Pharmaceutical Indenting, Telecommunications Servicing to Securities, we serve the markets across boarders throughout Asia Pacific to the European region.

Registered with the UN as a contractor for waste solutions through UNGM our goal is to be the Indian subcontinents leading integrated waste management solution provider to construct, operate and maintain sustainable waste to energy green plants and to cater to the burgeoning needs of the municipalities for effective processing and disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated in the cities throughout the respective countries, Biogreencycle (Pvt) Ltd. has been setup as special project vehicle (SPV) company for Sri Lanka who has been working in MSW Renewable Energy solutions for the past 25 years through its partnerships of expertise around the world as its technological partners have established several MSW solution facilities in various countries.

This strategic initiative between a team of technocrats (sector experts) group of investors to promote ‘Green field’ projects in the field of integrated urban waste management solutions is the 1st private company to set up a sustainable green solution waste management pilot plant in Sri Lanka as Biogreencycle has become synonymous in Sri Lanka as one of the only companies to walk the talk in providing a solution for municipal solid waste, apart from the local authorities having their own pocket projects for composting etc.

Having been contracted with multiple locations in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia to set up waste to energy sustainable green plants, Biogreencycle looks at providing the region and country with state of the art multipurpose waste to Energy facility in the city of Colombo which will serve as a total waste management solution for the City of Colombo and its surrounding areas whilst supporting the cause for green energy bio compost, employment opportunities, creating better livelihoods for communities amidst providing a much needed solution for dumping sites and landfills in the country.

Enhancing our business venture through our Sister concerns and affiliates, we cater to the ever growing corporate sector of the Asia Pacific and European region through garments manufacturing and have expanded to three factories within Sri Lanka and the expansion into the Bangladesh and China, as we the demand for finished high and mid-range tailored corporate wear has increased over the past decade and our outstanding quality control delivery of corporate, Government, Military wear and tailored suites are beyond the realm of mass producing countries.

Project funding Profit sharing has taken a new leap in the financial industry with strategic investment opportunities opening up around the world, our expertise in Financial Trading and Consultation over the years have seen the demand from clients across boarders yearning for better prospects and reap the benefits through our tailor made programmes which offer guaranteed returns and securities for the capital investment. Striving on confidentiality which is key in the industry our platforms affiliated with some of the best and bright personalities around the world provide us the leverage to cater to audiences of all segments.

Among many are the indenting of pharmaceutical products as we cater to government based indenting contracts which provide the nation with the opportunity of access to world class products.

With the telecommunication industry growing from pillar to pillar we provide a service that is much needed to the industry in ensuring towers are serviced, backup is provided and ensure the network is uninterrupted and smooth throughout every second of transmission.

Our team of diligent, watchful and stealthy operators provide their expertise in personalized and strategic security and have safeguarded the elite throughout the years in service.

As we strive each day to bring the world closer to each of our benefactors we thrive in our personalized services and ensuring we offer the best at all times.

Experience. Quality. Reliability!

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