“When one tugs at a single thing in nature,he finds it attached to the rest of the world”- John Muir

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    Setting up and operating waste to energy plants

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    Setting up engineered and semi engineered landfills

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    Facility analysis design and Feasibility studies

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Disposal of Municipality Solid Waste is a smelly issue to governments, local authorities and the general public around the world. With populations growing the waste we humans generate grow along with us, although we have not managed to successfully inherit more land space without severe consequences to mother nature in one way or another to keep dumping this waste we generate ourselves.

With many authorities resorting to hazardous methods of disposing this municipal solid waste around the world, some undeveloped countries resort to dumping of waste into unhabituated land, streams or even unplanned land-filling or hiding of waste which has been seen as a temporary solution, at the cost of mother nature. Having to spend heavily to maintain dump-sites and unsustainable waste management solutions the authorities face bigger issues through the spread of diseases through the scavenger operations and the birds and other animals that carry germs apart from the severe damage to the water bodies and soil which effect the livelihood of many.

On the positive side of all this the development of technology has provided the opportunity for solutions in the numbers for municipal solid waste, among some of which are now been taken down due to adverse effects to nature and the high maintenance cost among many other reasons.

Alas! A sustainable green solution with a holistic approach to managing waste the best possible way that will not take a huge toll on the local authorities and the general public. A technology that is environmentally friendly, reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, produces organic compost (soil conditioner/ fertilizer) as a byproduct and generates green power which helps sustain the plant and its employees. Thus been a sustainable green waste to energy solution for proper management of municipal solid waste.

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